Customer Relationship Management Platform

Capsule is a well-rounded cloud-based CRM that enables a business to keep track of all their business interactions and opportunities. Like any good CRM it allows you to build stronger relationships, make more sales, and save time. Giving you contact management all in the one place, you and your employees can easily collaborate. 


  • Cloud-based
  • Mobile for field use
  • Calendar & Task Management
  • 50+ Add-ons & Integrations
  • Highly customisable
  • Teams & Roles 
  • Sales Pipeline & Reports

Is Capsule CRM right for my business?

If you've ever missed an opportunity because you didn't have important details on hand, Capsule is for you.
If your sales team spend endless time on admin tasks, you need Capsule.
If your team are on the move and need access to contacts, Capsule is at their fingertips. 

 It's key functionality is contact management. We recommend Capsule for individuals, small businesses, and sales teams. If you are looking for a simple, intuitive and powerful solution; this is it. Get in touch with us if you want to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. 

Capsule Pricing

Capsule have a Professional Plan from $18USD/month and a Teams Plan from $36USD/month.

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