“I have known and worked with Robert both as a colleague and friend for over 12 months now, and just engaged him to assist with back end data management and integration for my business. Rob took the time to walk me through Capsule CRM, and where it will be most valuable to me looking at projects, projections for revenue and sales, as well as tracking of leads, contacts and networks I operate in. If you are still working out of spreadsheets for this stuff, you need to talk with Rob about all the online and cloud based interactions he has available including Xero integrations.”

Business Insurance Cover Services Pty Ltd  (BICS) is a Brisbane-based business insurance broker specialist. They pride themselves on providing responsible and consultative broking for the protection of your business.

Industry: Insurance Services

Location: Brisbane

Website: www.bics.net.au


Aaron from BICS was using a CRM his licence group provided him that was incompatible to his daily needs in relation to prospecting and making industry connections. Due to the inadequate CRM provided to him, he was left using spreadsheets to fill the void. We guided him in the right direction to a system that catered to his needs.


The main challenge that Aaron had was that he could not access the CRM supplied by the license group on his phone to put notes against contacts. It didn’t allow him to put in any kind of projection of his earnings, nor allow him to track conversion rates. It was hard to do simple things such as tasking himself to follow up leads, or make phone calls. The supplied CRM had no social media integrations to allow him to find out more information about prospects to help convert his leads.

How we helped

After careful consideration of Aaron’s needs we provided CapsuleCRM as a solution. We set up and configured it, and provided an initial training session on how to use the system and get the most out of it. Subsequent to the training we provided follow up support to answer any technical questions as Aaron began using the CRM in his business.  

How Capsule helped

He uses Capsule to set up a lead, record notes against the lead from any meeting or phonecall. Uses it to task himself about things to follow up on. Uses it to track the dollar amount of leads per month, and the conversion rate, which allows him to better manage the cashflow of his business. Every email he sends to any contact moving forward is now saved into Capsule, allowing the ability to build a large database to market to in order for the growth of his business.

There’s a better way to do business.


The Author - Robert King

Robert is a CA accountant, small business adviser and cloud integrations consultant. He is passionate about helping small business owners adapt and transition into the cloud. With experience in both cloud computing and accounting fields, he will effectively match a customers' needs with products and applications that will enhance all aspects of their business.