If you still don’t know it yet, the cloud is continuing to be a game changer for small business. Its strength lies in optimising business processes – increasing flexibility and performance. For some, the cloud is seen as being frivolous, and not something many are willing to invest in.

We have seen many organisations attempt to adopt cloud solutions on their own, and have been told that they have found it extremely difficult for several reasons. Yes, it is true, there can be challenges to overcome. But, as a whole, the main issue of many that we see is adoption of the wrong solutions. Other things to consider include:

  • Ensuring accounting compliance and dealing with data issues (such as complications in data migration)
  • Ensuring systems integrate and knowing how they integrate in order to get the most out of them (i.e data push in, data pull out, or data going both ways)
  • Resistance from staff to change

Essentially, integrating old or legacy systems with cloud systems creates a hybrid environment that can be difficult to navigate; even for any existing I.T staff. Sometimes it is not within their scope, as cloud systems are still relatively new and new products and services are emerging everyday.

To take advantage of what cloud solutions have to offer requires great understanding of the current business requirements and how they can be transformed by cloud integrations. Depending on your business and the needs of said business, going it alone may work for you. Sometimes you pick up the right solutions and all you may need is some basic training and guidance. Other times your business may need a complete overhaul. We can help with both.

If you don’t have a great understanding of cloud software, that’s where cloud integrators such as ourselves can help out. We take a tailored and holistic approach to find solutions that best meet your needs. Working with numerous vendors over the years, we strive to find the best fit for you. There is nothing worse than forking out $$$ for software that you either didn’t need or that does not align with your business processes.

We recommend a System Review, which will help us road-map the implementation process. In the System Review we address the current legacy systems and build a strategy to move your business forward. We can implement training and support on these solutions, ensuring your current team are on board and are assisted in adapting to these changes. Get in contact with us today, to modernise your business processes and help you do business better.

There's a better way to do business.


The Author - Paula King

Paula is the administration and content manager at Integration Kings. With a university degree in journalism and a keen aptitude for researching, she strives to make sense of complex and technical concepts and create easy to understand content.