Whether you are a new or established business, scheduling your employee's shifts can be the task that just about breaks you. If you are using Excel spreadsheets to do your rosters and scheduling you're unwittingly losing out. If you want to be less stressed and save time you need to look at scheduling software as the benefits far outweigh the costs. The solution we recommend is Deputy, an all-in-one cloud-based platform that makes scheduling, time tracking, and communication effortless.


One of the priceless benefits of Deputy is its ability to save you time. Time on creating schedules - by using a drag and drop system that allows you to build schedules in minutes. Editing and updating schedules is also a breeze. Before you had to print out completed schedules from Excel and post them up on the noticeboard. Then when you had to make changes you threw that schedule in the bin and edited and reprinted a new version.

Here's where you're hoping that all employees notice this updated schedule and pay careful attention to it. Changes to the schedule can happen multiple times a week and chances are some employess may not notice them. For instance, they may not have been present the day of the changes, and you can't always remember to ring around and notify them all. Having Deputy in place will change all of that.


With Deputy, you no longer have to waste time and paper by printing out schedules. The schedules are stored on the platform, which all employees have acces to via their smartphones and tablets. They can login at anytime from anywhere on their device to see when they are scheduled. The Deputy App will send them notifications if there are changes and show any tasks or communications you have with them. You won't have to pick up the phone and your employees won't have to ring in for their shift times. It's a win-win situation for employers and employees.


The simplicity of Deputy allows you to view in real-time the costs associated with labour. It gives you the ability to optimise all shifts and employees, ensuring you stick within the budget. Auto alerts can be set up to let you know when an employee is entering into overtime hours. It will even let you know if an employee on a student visa has gone over their maximum hours. Deputy integrates to numerous payroll systems, which minimises admin by syncing employee pay rates and leave entitlements from the payroll to Deputy.


If your business has multiple locations, Deputy will make managing them easier by having them all accessible at your fingertips anytime, anywhere. Using Deputy also ensures that you will never double schedule an employee across locations again. The system will alert you if this occurs, making sure you have accurate scheduling.

There is so much to Deputy that it is hard to articulate it all into one blog post. Ultimately it will give you instant visibility into your business, reduce admin, allow you to forecast labour spend, and effectively communicate with employees. Deputy is the standout solution if you want to scale and grow your business.

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The Author - Paula King

Paula is the administration and content manager at Integration Kings. With a university degree in journalism and a keen aptitude for researching, she strives to make sense of complex and technical concepts and create easy to understand content.