Previously, we have written about how CRM's are a fantastic tool for networking and also how they are a much-needed tool for any small business. Whether you are an existing business or startup, CRM software is essential to stay organised, build strong relationships, and make the most of sales. 

Having a good one on hand will make life so much easier for you. One such CRM package that we implented into Integration Kings is that of Capsule. Capsule has been around since 2009, and we have been using it since 2012. We love having the ability to keep track of all our business contacts including clients, vendors, referrals, and leads. Recently Capsule has taken on a new logo and branding. They believe that they have created a system that is simple, intuitive and powerful. It's a sentiment that we wholeheartedly agree with, which is why it is our #1 recommendation of CRM's on the market for small business.

Let's take a look at what we love about Capsule:

- Accessibility. It can be used anywhere, anytime.
- Cloud-based software means it updates automatically.
- One central location for all contact data, which the whole team has access to.
- Mobile app, which also works offline. We heavily use this feature out in the field. It is fantastic to be able to search and find contacts and make calls or emails on the fly.
- You can track history, adding and storing notes and emails against contact profiles allowing you and your team to be well informed.
- Managing tasks is a no-brainer. You can add and complete tasks which can be assigned to yourself or others in your team. These tasks can also be lined to individual contacts to ensure full transparency for the whole team.
- The ability to tag and categorise contacts, which are also searchable. You can categorise contacts by using tags of your choosing and that are relevant to your business. For instance, we use the tag 'Qld' to show that a contact is based in Queensland. We also use the tag 'Industry Type' whioch for the sake of example includes the option for 'Accountants'. From these tags, we can search 'Accountants' in 'Qld' if need be.

Having a CRM like Capsule allows you to be more productive with your time. There are no more spreadsheets with complicated and sparsely filled columns of customer and contact data. Using spreadsheets is tiresome and makes it difficult to keep track of what you need to know. With a good CRM, you will have integration options that will assist you to carry out other functions.

Some of Capsule's integrations that we use are:

- Google Apps
- Xero
- PandaDoc
- TidyWork
- Dear Systems

There are many more integrations available, but these are just a few that we wanted to mention. With so many options on the market, it can be a little overwhelming to find the right solution for you. At Integration Kings we take out the guesswork, and help find the best solution for you. Get in touch with us today, to see how we can help.

There's a better way to do business.


The Author - Robert King

Robert is a CA accountant, small business adviser and cloud integrations consultant. He is passionate about helping small business owners adapt and transition into the cloud. With experience in both cloud computing and accounting fields, he will effectively match a customers' needs with products and applications that will enhance all aspects of their business.