System Review

System Review

The System Review is a comprehensive analysis of your existing operating systems. We seek to assess your business’s suitability to convert to cloud-based platforms to improve efficiency.

Why take up a System Review?

The System Review should be your first port of call. It’s an invaluable process that helps us define the needs of your business, allowing us to have a greater understanding to effectively approach those needs and ensure the best outcome. 

We understand that no two businesses are the same and that there may be different requirements, budgets, and expectations that need to be delivered upon. Therefore, we assess each business on a case-by-case basis, resulting in a tailored and holistic approach towards the possibility of converting to cloud-based platforms.

What does the System Review consist of?

It consists of three stages: 

  • 3-hour meeting, where we will complete a detailed checklist pertaining to your daily processes and current operating systems
  • From the meeting we will analyse our findings and compile a detailed report outlining our recommendations 
  • 2-hour meeting to discuss the findings of our report and to demo platforms that we recommend for your business 

Who should be present for the System Review?

We require all staff who can assist us with completing the checklist and who will also be utilising the new applications. Speaking with as many core staff members as possible will aid us a great deal in getting to the bottom of any issues to resolve. 

What happens after the System Review?

After our discussion of the report findings, we secure what implementations are to take place and seek to map out time frames for execution. You will be provided with a framework strategy. This is yours to keep. We hope
that you go ahead with the work we set out to do, but you do not have to commit to us to undertake the work. 

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